Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silly Grown-Up, School is for Kids

My dad is desperately hoping this was the last time he had to load up a U-Haul with all of my flea market "treasures" and move me to another city. He's safe for at least another 27 months, if I can handle going straight through this crazy thing called law school with no summer breaks. My apartment is mostly put together, with a few minor exceptions of course, so pictures will be up soon!

I knew this would happen. This big move wouldn't really sink in until I was sitting alone in my own apartment, realizing that I have none of mom's leftovers for dinner and I'm the one responsible for calling maintenance to fix my broken toilet (oh yes, best move-in ever). I'm not sad or lonely, I just kept myself so busy painting this summer that I hadn't quite processed this transition from being home with family and being the teacher to being on my own and a student again. Fortunately, I've done this before (although longer ago than I like to admit.) So, once I shake off the dust I know this is going to be awesome.

Orientation is Wednesday-Friday, and I'm working on the reading assignment I was given to be prepared to discuss first thing. I have been encouraged by the fact that reading a 6 page case about an oil supply company suing ex-employees actually interested me instead of putting me into into a boredom-induced coma. This is a good sign. Another positive omen? Students in my entering class seem eager to make friends as soon as possible. I guess we all know that we are going to need someone to talk us off the ledge at some point in this journey.

I'm excited to see what I can do with what I learn here. It's a beautiful thing to start something completely new and have a front row seat as it all unfolds into something greater than you could have possibly expected. It feels like I am supposed to be here right now, and you can't buy a feeling like that. All of the crazy experiences I have had the fortune of living through--moving to the ghetto in New York, teaching English and Reading to eleven-year-olds, coaching sports I didn't even play and surviving with the help of Google and improv class at ACU, and now law school--are creating a unique collage of a life I never saw coming. And it's so much better than something I would have come up with.

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